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Advanced Polymers and Composites; AP&C, is the first specialized Egyptian Company in the field of Composites and Polymers Industrial Solutions. It is backed up with strong experience in these industries for over 20 years. We represent:

  • AXSON TECHNOLOGIES: Epoxy and Polyurethane systems for Tooling, Modeling, Prototyping, Structural Adhesives, Structural Composites for the Aerospace, Wind, Marine, Automotives, Ceramics, Foundry & for Electronics’ Encapsulating & Potting.
  • DIAB: PVC, PET & EPOXY Foam Core products for Marine, Wind, Aerospace, Construction,Transportation, Buoyancy etc…
  • ISOJET EQUIPMENTS: RTM equipments, Meter Mix Equipments, Pneumatic presses, VacuumEquipments & others.
  • DIATEX: Vacuum Consumable materials for composite’s processing and production: Vacuum films, Bleeders, Breathers, Release Film.
  • SELCOM MULTIAXIAL: E-Glass UD, Biaxial, Tri-axial & Quadri-axial Fabrics. Carbon fiber UD and Biaxial Fabrics. Aramid UD.
  • ZHERMACK: RTV Silicone rubber for molding.
  • EFD NORDSON: Fluid and Liquid dispensers and robots.
  • BIGHEAD: Bonded fasteners for Composites.
  • LANTOR COMPOSITES: Polyester non woven containing microspheres used as thin core or print blocker.
  • COMPOSITES CONSULTING GROUP ‘CCG’: Composites’ Design, training and Consulting.

We also supply Composite Repair Equipments, Machining Tools for Composites, 3 and 4 axis CNC milling equipments for universities, tool shops & service bureaus for modeling and prototyping. We supply Complete Composite Solutions Package.

We provide the Technical Support, Project Management and Composite Consulting services.


Owner & Director

Eng. Ayman Salama