Leader in the field of elastomers and resins applied to design, tooling and prototyping, Axson Technologies offers a comprehensive product range for the creation of models and moulds used for style trials, product testing and pre-production studies. Axson Technologies polymer expertise also extends to advanced technologies for composites, structural adhesives and dielectrics. Leading industries around the world chose Axson Technologies solutions in markets such as aerospace, automotive, construction, renewable energies, transportation, foundry, machine tools and the electronic industry among others.
In addition to the industrial sector, Axson Technologies provides solutions for other markets such as model making, art, interior decoration, furniture design, household appliances, ceramics, filtration, medical, sports and leisure among others.
In industries today, polyurethane resins are mainly used in the production of models and prototypes, while epoxy resins are predominantly used in the high-performance composite market.

     1) Design & Prototyping: Innovative products and world renowned expertise.

Axson Technologies provides a complete range:

Axson 1

Polyurethane and epoxy resins
RIM Rapid prototyping
Machinable slabs
Fast casts
Extrusion pastes for models and tooling
Polyurethane elastomers
Casting resins Silicones
Gel coats, epoxy and polyurethane

     2) Composites: Advanced materials for high tech applications.

Axson Technologies provides a complete range:

Axson 2

Laminating resins (wet lay up, vacuum, RTM, infusion, filament winding resins
Aramid, carbon, glass and hybrid fabrics for structural parts
Prepregs for tooling and structural parts
Sandwich honeycomb panels with aluminum, carbon and glass skins
Core materials for thin sandwich panels and Gel coats

     3) Adhesives: ADEKIT adhesive solutions cover all your assembly needs from structural to flexible bonding.

Axson Technologies provides a complete range:

Axson 3

Bi-component adhesives
Manuel and pneumatic pistols for adhesive application
Pre-treatment products: cleaners and primers

     4) Dielectrics: a complete range of cold and hot cured resins for encapsulation and protection of electric devices.

Axson 4

Axson Technologies provides a complete range:
Polyurethanes and epoxy resins for:
Sensors, ignition coils, on board electronics
Switches, Lighting equipment, transformers
Capacitors, inductors, LEDs
Resistors, chargers, filters
Ballasts, print transformers
Electronic cards, relays, pumps
Plugs, insulators & bushings
Insulators transformers, high voltage transformers
Dry type distribution transformers, batteries and motors


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