Selcom is a leader in Italy in producing multiaxial (dry) technical fabrics. Selcom have been manufacturing MULTIAXIAL REINFORCEMENTS (also known as Non Crimp Fabrics – NCF) using high performance fibres such as glass, carbon, aramid, PVA, and polyethylene since 1992. Selcom has extensive experience in the traditional textile industry

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In 1991, the company started to focus its activity on the high-performance technical fabrics market, with composite reinforcements, which offered great chances for growth. 
In 1992 the first multiaxial machine for the production of NCF (Non Crimp Fabric) was installed. Multiaxial fabrics technology was little known at that time. It had been under development since the 80s to supply the aerospace industry. Selcom has grown considerably year after year.

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Selcom supply a wide range of markets including marine, transports, sports, wind energy, civil engineering, ballistics, protective helmets, offshore, defence/aerospace etc. 
The SELCOM team works closely with engineers, designers and technicians to develop new technical solutions to satisfy even the most sophisticated and advanced of requests, offering all their technical know-how that they have built up over the years and with the possibility of developing new multiaxial fabrics using any kind of high-performance fibre available on the market (always of the best quality). 

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We are continually investing in the development of innovative composite solutions, which support our customer’s needs for reliability coupled with opportunities for cost reduction.

 Selcom have been operating an internal quality system that conforms to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards since


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