BigHead are the Original bonding fasteners.

For over 40 years bigHead has made automotive fasteners, marine fasteners, construction fasteners, panel fasteners, composite fasteners and special fasteners. These fasteners all share the original bigHead design: a flat perforated head which locks the product securely into position and spreads the load, is welded to a wide choice of studs, nuts, collars, pins and other fixings to offer versatility.

BigHead 1

bigHead fasteners offer designers and manufacturers using composite materials simple and secure fastening solutions they can trust. From incremental design changes to more radical “light-weighting”, bigHead design solutions are well established in industry.

Many of our customers have designed-in bigHeads to save assembly time and maintain product quality. We have worked with design engineers at some of the world’s leading companies such as Sunseeker Yachts and Aston Martin. bigHead is a BMW approved supplier to Rolls Royce Motors.

With 40 years experience of original design and manufacturing, bigHead can provide you with a unique product and service.


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